Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Girl Scout Valentine's Meeting/Party
Tuesday Feb 8th
10 AM to 12 PM

We plan to kick our meeting off with a cool Valentine's craft. The cost will be $3 per girl for the craft, please bring exact change.

Following the craft we will exchange Valentine's. Encourage your daughter to get crafty and make her our Valentines, although store bought ones are acceptable!
They need to make a Valentine for each girl in the troop. I know Sophie and Shelby will want to be part of the fun, so they are on the list also!

Hannah F.
Hannah R.

Following the Valentine exchange, we will have a snack. Please have your daughter bring a treat to share. We have an icecream cake (thanks to Dairy Queen) and I will provide napkins/cups/plates/forks. Kas will provide drinks.

What great fun! The meeting started out with the girls making these adorable folding mini photo albums. Tabby had made one previously and Kas ordered the kits for the girls to use. Tabby led the whole activity! Once the girls were finished they had cake (from our Dairy Queen tour, slightly melted but oh so tasty!) and exchanged valentines!

Will had an absolute blast crawling all over the Ridiman's floors, I was surprised how quickly he moved on the hardwood!

Once the meeting was over the girls, Will and I headed over to Melodie's for our quilting class. We created some 9 block design (it has a funky name that is escaping my swiss cheese brain!). At 3 PM we had to leave to get Hannah to dance class. Once I dropped her at dance class, I swung back by the house, grabbed Grant and took him and Emily out to their Tuesday night art class. After art we went and picked Hannah up and then came home. Certainly a very very full day....and they worry about homeschoolers being social!

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