Friday, February 25, 2005

Perfect North Snow Tubing Activity
Thursday, February 24, 2005
4:30 PM until close

I was so excited when I saw that another homeschooling family was organizing a snowtubing trip to Perfect North. With the group rate of $10 a person for 4 1/2 hours of tubing, it seemed like the perfect deal. I even convinced Jay to join us, he is usually reluctant to join us on homeschooling outings since it seems that none of the dads ever show up. The kids were really excited and we began our journey west at 3:15 PM.

The whole drive, I had visions of hanging out in the lodge with the baby and sitting by the roaring fire. I was so disappointed when we got there and I realized that the tubing hills were nowhere near the lodge so that I would be spending my evening in a large TENT! My self pity quickly evaporated when Kas and her girls pulled into the parking lot! I'll take good company over a fireplace anyday!

I went into the tend and got us settled...I brought a huge crockpot of vegetable soup and some rolls, some snacks and hot chocolate. Will was fairly content! Jay paid for the tubing and the aventures began. The kids had an absolute blast. Even Sophie went down the hills, well at least with her father and sister, she REFUSED to go when I took her up and poor Brett had to clumb back down the STEEP walkway with her....poor kid fell half way down!

I couldn't believe that I actually ENJOYED tubing, it was a blast, brought back memories of being a kid and sledding on the hill at Gibson Greeting Cards....of course here we didn't have to worry about falling into a creek at the end of the hill or climbing ALL THE WAY back to the top (gotta LOVE the moving sidewalk!). Jacob was a complete daredevil, conquering each of the runs, he even made me climb all the way to the highest run and go down with him. OK I will admit it, I kept my eyes closed and SCREAMED....but it was a BLAST!

Will was such a TURKEY when we were trying to eat. Another mom was holding him while I tried to eat some soup and he was throwing an absolute she asked if she could feed him something....we made him a bowl of soup and boy did you know if they were shoveling it in fast enough! And he was SO PICKY....he wanted the corn, potatoes and peas but kept spitting out the lima beans! I think he ate more soup that Sophie or Cade!

I can't wait until next winter! Hopefully more families with join us and another dad will actually show up! I wonder if baby Will will continue to want to keep up with everyone and actually join us on the hills...only time will tell!

More info on Perfect North:
Snow Tubing Groups:

Bring a group of 15 or more to tube after 4 p.m. and receive a discount on your ticket. Call (812) 537-3754 or (513) 381-7517 as soon as possible to make your reservation. A credit card is required for deposit (we must have at least 48 hour notice of cancellation or card is charged $5 per person based on the number registered.) The Group Coordinator will receive a complimentary tubing ticket for organizing the group. Upon arrival proceed directly to the Tubing Park. Collect all money (no personal checks) and only the Group Coordinator should go to the window to pay.

Snow Tubing Group Pricing:

Any day After 4pm, Monday – Thursday unlimited hours $10Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 2-Hour Tickets $15(To add additional time: $5 upgrade for each additional hour of tubing if purchased at same time as initial ticket purchase. If purchased during the 2-hour session the cost is $10 for each additional hour of tubing.)

At what age can a child tube?
We prefer that children be at least three (3) years old. A separate, small tubing area is provided for children 3-6 years old. Children must be supervised by a parent/guardian while in this area. It's the parent's choice to allow their child to tube on the main tubing hill or in the children's tubing area. The cost for children 3-6 years old is $10.

Can more than one person ride in a tube?We allow one person per tube. On the main hill, as many as three tubes can "link" together. So a parent can hold onto their child's tube.
Do I need to sign anything?We do require that everyone sign a Tubing Waiver form. A parent/guardian signature is required for anyone under 18. A copy of the Waiver form is available to download.

Can I bring my own sled?We do not allow personal sleds to be used on the tubing runs. The tube rental is included in the cost.

How do I get back up the hill?You can effortlessly ride back up the hill on our state-of-the-art moving sidewalk.

Can I purchase a tubing pass for the season?We do offer for sale a Tubing Season Pass or you can add the tubing option to your ski pass. Go to "Plan & Buy" and get pass information and pricing under "Snow Tubing."

Do I need to wear special clothing?Dress according to the weather and as if you were going sledding. We suggest dressing in layers and waterproof clothing is recommended.

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