Thursday, February 10, 2005

In my child's mind.....

During a recent trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center, the kids and I were chatting in the car. Emily started talking about how she wants to have 12 kids when she grows up (OK so she watches "Cheaper by the Dozen" all the time) and that she would probably end up homeschooling them (big beaming smile from her mom when she said it) but then she interupted my *smug* moment by adding ..."well, unless I marry a school teacher or a school football coach so they can go to school for free." A bit puzzled by her comment, thinking a doctor or lawyer would make a much better husband if one wanted to send their children to private school, I posed the question.....

"Emily, do you know that it is free to go to public school?"

Her answer" "Really? I thought we were homeschooled because we were too poor to go to school!"

I started laughing HYSTERICALLY...good thing I had peed right before I left the house. Out of the mouths of my *poor* child

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