Thursday, February 10, 2005


I don't think I have mentioned that our dance studio is going to go to Chicago this year for Nationals (well actually to Aurora, which is 37 miles west of Chicago). I was thrilled to find out that a number of museums in the Chicago area have reciprocal programs with our local museum center. Now the problem is going to be figuring out what museums to visit! If anyone has an opinion, please leave a comment in my comment section!

Chicago Children's Museum

The Field Museum of Natural History

International Museum of Surgical Science

Museum of Science and Industry

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

SciTech Hands-On Museum Science


Valerie said...

We really liked the Field Museum when we went a couple of years ago. I would have gone to the nature one also, but didn't have access to the van because Matt was using it to make a business visit (*that* was a mistake). The Field Museum is very close the Aquarium, which is supposed to be a lot nicer than the one in Newport. That means you're also right there by the lake, which is fun to visit in itself.

Anonymous said...

The Children's Museum, out on Navy Pier, is less of a 'museum' and more of a play-place. If you have kids under 8 or so, they'd probably have a lot of fun there-- last time we were there, there was a Sesame Street exhibit.

Field Museum is great, and as mentioned, is in the 'museum campus' downtown, by the Aquarium and Planetarium.

The Peggy Notebaert Nature museum has a wonderful indoor butterfly exhibit with lots and lots of free-flying butterflies. Also, "Animal Grossology," if you have kids into that sort of thing. :)

There's another children's museum in Naperville, which is closer to Aurora, that you might check for reciprocal programs for if your kids are into children's museums.

My vote is for the Field Museum if you only have time for one. It's just south of downtown Chicago, on the lovely Daniel Burnham-designed museum campus, and you could spend the bulk of your afternoon downtown or walking the lakefront. The Art Institute would be my second vote, although that wasn't on your list. :)

-lisa near Chicago

Anonymous said...

I think we'd go for the Science and Industry museum. It has tons of fun hands-on stuff. But it isn't on the museum campus right downtown with all of the others.
Have fun when you visit, and please check out Millenium Park because I like to hear people's opinions of the bean thing!
Kim C.
Relaxed Homeskool