Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Animal Tracks!
Tuesday, February 1, 2005 11 AM
Pattison Park in Owensville

Laura wrote: Come and learn about animal tracks! The program will be held inside the lodge (located on the left hand side of the road) and we will also go for a short hike (barring subzero temperatures) to see what animal tracks we can find in the park. Dress for the weather. RSVP to Laura

What a wonderful program and a great turn out! Keith did his usual great job at getting the kids interested and keeping them involved. He used a huge sheet that they had made animal tracks on and scattered some pretend scat on it. All of the kids got a real kick out of the scat! He showed us a stuffed beaver and made a comment about it being stuffed in 1973 adding that it was older than he was, which of course sent all the moms into hysterics since that meant he was a good 5 years younger than even the youngest of us! We told him he was just a "baby"! Once he finished up showing the kids the prints, he let them make plaster molds of some prints to take home. While the molds dried, he took us on a snowy hike to see what kind of prints we could find. Deer, squirrel, and rabbit were among the many we saw. And of course he had to point out both rabbit and deer scat to the kids!

I found a great site once I got home for info on animal tracks that even had some great scat pictures....http://www.bear-tracker.com/. Jacob is talking about making a project for the homeschool science fair on animal tracks. It should be great fun!


gina said...

Wow, all of these activities sound fabulous. Is this one homeschooling group or a variety of groups and clubs?

Laura said...


The majority of the homeschooling events we attend are coordinated by a local homeschooling group called Heart to Heart. It is a wonderful, inclusive group and best of all it is free! There are a core group of us (myself, Cindy, Julieanne, Melodie, Korin, Shelley) that tend to set up most programs, but there are always families willing to help out! I usually set up about one park program a month and then managed to secure gym time for our group once a week at a local community center. It is amazing all the things that we are able to offer to the kids because everyone pitches in!

Laura said...
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