Sunday, July 31, 2005


The girls really embrace any art project you throw at them, of course Emily winning first place at the county fair for her artwork probably is evidence of such enthusiasm.

Yesterday we were at a yardsale and found three beat up old chairs. They were only $1 each, so the girls asked if they could get them and paint them. They even convinced their dad to go out and buy primer for them yesterday. They have been working on them off and on since then...I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Ironicially, over the past two days I have received through some of my email contacts, links to some great art sites. I spent about and hour today going through and compiling the details for some I would like to try. It is a pretty eclectic list, but I think the kids will have fun exploring the projects. You never know, if I get ambitious, I might even invite some of their friends over to explore the projects with us! For the most part, they use inexpensive supplies, most of which I already have laying around in the craft closet!

Here are a couple of the websites that I particularly liked ideas from:

I just love that their are so many fun ways to help the kids enjoy art and learn at the same time. Nothing to me is more boring than just looking at a picture, but the idea of exploring a technique with a little history tossed in really appeals to me! Of course I have always been drawn to the art of Jackson Pollock!

I can't wait to see what direction these ideas lead us in. Maybe Emily will have something spectacular for the fair next year, or maybe one of her siblings will give her a run for her money!


jon said...

After we paid for our kids whistler summer camp we found it tough to recover! I totally agree with you!

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