Thursday, July 14, 2005

Professional Portraits

Kas commented that she feels ashamed, her daughter Shelby, who is the same age as Sophie only has had professional pictures taken one time and I go and get Will's taken every before you start handing out the good mom award, I need to tell you all something...It is only out of pure spite that he gets his pictures taken so often!

I only go and get his picture done each month because JC Penney ticked me off when we had the family picture done last September. They wanted to charge us $9.99 PER PERSON sitting fee despite the fact that I had a coupon for a free sitting (read the fine print!) which would have cost me an extra $89.91 (fees for 9 people, one of us was free with the coupon) I HAD no choice but to pay $39.95 for their darn portrait club (saving me $50)....I looked at the manager as I paid for my puchase and smiled and said "you all will regret me getting this protrait club card" and I vowed to myself as I left that we would be back every month to take advantage of the "free" aspects of the card: free smiles by wire (they email me all the pics for each sitting) and a free sheet each time I go in!

So I buy the $7.99 package (and use a $3 coupon that is printed on the flap of each portrait package envelope I get back) so I pay $5.34 (4.99 + tax) each time I go in and am guarenteed a good pic for his scrapbook and also get the pics emailed to me for the web/blog.

I took each of the kids on their birthdays for pictures and plan to do a family one again this fall...we were there 3 times in less than 2 weeks in April for the boys birthdays... The stupid card doesn't expire until 9/ they have to deal with me until Brett is 19...they will be doing his "senior" portraits....heck probably even Hannah's too (I have never figured out what year she would graduate!). Hmmm...she turns 18 in Feburary 2010 so I would get her "senior" pictures done in the fall of 2009....guess I will do them in September!

JC Penney is the one who is losing out on this deal!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could do that with your JCP saver card. I have one but I don't take advantage of it. Good to know!

hestiahomeschool said...

Do you remember last year when I took Tabby to JCP and had that beautiful picture of her made in front of the flowers, and then they wrote me a letter saying that they would not print it because she was inappropriate? Bare shoulders on a kid= child porn? I was SO MAD!! They wasted a whole afternoon of my life...