Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tea Party

Emily decided that she wanted to have a tea party for her birthday and that she also wanted to have a slumber party. We ended up postponing it a few weeks from her birthday because she was at camp the week of her birthday and we had baseball games last weekend! Finally we decided on July 29th! We combined the ideas and had a "celebrity" tea slumber party! We asked that the girls come glammed out in their hollywood best (boas, glitter, etc). When they got here, we had everyone decorate straw hats to wear to the tea!

Before we had our tea we went over some tea party etiquette (check it out and then we served tea, tea sandwiches, muffins, veggies, fruit, hummus and pink lemonade. The girls had a BLAST! It was funny to watch and listen to them as they tried to behave like proper young ladies! One of the girls, Amanda, really took to Sophie and kept making sure she was included and had enough food to eat and tea to drink, it was so cute!

Following tea, they played a few party games and opened presents. Then the girls made picture frames. We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emily and had cake. Following cake, the girls played more games. Two of the girls couldn't spend the night, one was picked up at 10 PM and the other closer to 11 PM, so we only had 4 extras stay the night (taking the household count to 14!). The girls were giggly and silly and had a dance off and then watched some movies! I finally yelled upstairs at 4 AM that is was FINE if they stayed up, but could they PLEASE use inside voices!

The girls were still asleep when the moms started to arrive to pick them up at 10:40 AM! At least they got about 5 hours of sleep! Most of them grabbed donuts as they headed home!

Emily was so THRILLED with the party! It is so neat as they get older and take ownership in planning things. I heard Em and Hannah talking about "next year" already!

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