Friday, July 08, 2005

Getting ready for 4-H judging

This is our first year involved with 4-H and the judging deadline is upon us. Tomorrow morning the kids have to take their projects to the fairground to be judged. They have been busy finishing up their projects. Emily and Grant are doing Art as Expression and Hannah is doing one that involves childcare/being home alone (can't think of the technical name for it). They are all a bit apprehensive about being "judged" but they are also excited.

The 4-H books are WONDERFUL and the girls are already planning what project they plan to do for next year. They decided on sewing and art and a handful of others. I have a feeling that the judging tomorrow with either inspire them or have them decide they don't want to do anything! Hopefully it will go well!


hestiahomeschool said...

The 4-H ceramics project is relatively simple. If your girls want to do it with mine next year at Ann's, it would be fun. The other one we have always meant to do is the tree identification one.

Laura said...

Once we get done with the fair this year, I am really going to research all the 4-H stuff. There are some really cool COOKING ones (at least they looked cool at the judging yesterday) and the girls are probably going to do creative writing. I would love to get a group of homeschoolers together and form a club and work through a few books together.

We are also going to do "and my world" next year...lots of cool things about geography and being a responsible world citizen.

They even have one of bikes, Grant will probably work on that next year since we are close to the biketrail.

The girls want to do the sewing/clothing one. If Melodie forms the sewing club like she was talking about I am going to see if she will help us with the projects.

Do you think your girls can do 4-H in Clermont Co.? The books have Ohio on the cover, wonder if the Kentucky books are the same (except they would say KY)...might have to get one of each and compare them.