Monday, July 11, 2005

Emily turns 11!

Time seems to fly sometimes. It is hard to believe 11 years ago I was in labor with Emily (she was born at 3:55 PM). Labor was fairly quick, only about 2 hours, and I transitioned quickly, yelling at Jay to go find ANYONE because the baby was coming NOW....fortunately he grabbed a nurse and not a janitor because by the time she reached the bedside Emily had completely crowned....but she didn't come out any further....just a HEAD....her darn shoulders got stuck. The nurse pushed the call button and SCREAMED for help STAT...a resident walked in and seemed puzzled as to what to do...thankfully the nurse was a "veteran"...she straddled my body...literally her butt was in my face....and she SHOVED down on my massive abdomen...the resident "caught" his first baby...Emily weighed in at a whooping 10 lbs 3 oz and only 20" (she was quite the butterball). She ended up with a broken collarbone, but wasn't too worse for the wear!

She is at camp today with one of her buddies from the dance studio. I am a bit sad that she didn't get to spend her birthday with us, but she will be home tonight for dinner and cake. She is only spending Thurs and Fri nights at camp, she didn't want to spend the whole week. Luckily her friend felt the same way!

Ironically Emily was supposed to be our "last" baby. She was the "perfect" baby...never cried, slept all night, was happy to just hang out in her bouncer seat (and later her exersaucer) and just watch what was going on around her. I sometimes joke that God gave us a "good" one so that we would be open to His plan for growing our family! I don't think I would have believed anyone 11 years ago if they told me she would be a big sister 5 times over!

Happy Birthday Miss Emily!


hestiahomeschool said...

We REALLY missed having your girls over yesterday. Tabby actually moped. We will have to arrange a family get together to celebrate all the birthdays--Shelby, Will, Tabby, Sophie and Emily. We can have it here, when Dave is off. I want him to meet Jay.

love, Kas

Laura said...

Sounds like a plan. Emily is wanting to have a birthday party, probably closer to the end of the month (once we recover from camp costs!), but I think she wants a slumber party...not sure how Tabby will feel about that!

Tell Tabby we are sorry we missed her party....this was the only week Em could be off dance (part of the studio is in Las Vegas for nationals)so she siezed the opportunity to go to camp! She has a TON of new camp songs she can teach Tabby!