Tuesday, July 19, 2005

GTC Bakehouse Tour
Tuesday, July 19 at 11 AM.

The GTC Bakehouse will give a tour of their bakery for young homeschoolers on Tuesday, July 19 at 11 AM. Come see how really good bread is made! This is an artisanal bakery, not a bread manufacturing plant, but younger people will still need close supervision around industrial-size mixers and hot ovens. They are on Montgomery Road north of Reagan Highway. The bakery and retail store are in the same place, so you can buy bread to takehome if you like.

To break up the lazy days of summer, we decided to join the younger homeschoolers on the bakery tour. The people who worked at the bakery were a very interesting and eclectic group (think pink hair, green hair, extensive body art and piercings). One of the employees even had her tiny daughter (and absolutely cutie!) there with her! What a cool and accepting enviroment to work in! They gave us a great tour. It was amazing the number of loaves they make by hand each month and the quantity of flour they go through. The girls and I thought it was funny because the flour came from Con Agra foods ...we had been right next to Con Agra's headquarters in Chicago and had no idea what type of products they made...well apparently LARGE bags of wheat flour would be on the list!

At the end of the tour we got to sample bread. Emily, Grant and I were in heaven, we LOVE BREAD! My favorite, cranberry walnut! They gave us a focassia (sp) bread to take home with us. They had made up 12 loaves and there were only 4 families there, so as we were leaving the gal who lead the tour handed my family the extras! Free bread! What more could I ask for!

Following the tour we went to the park for lunch. It was so HUMID we only stayed a short time....eating quickly and then feeding crackers to the ducks!

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