Sunday, July 24, 2005

Here is one of Emily's pictures from her portrait session on her birthday! It is hard to believe how grown up she is starting to look!

I have always called Emily "brown bear" as a nickname because she gets so tan, even through SPF 30! Our native american heritage is apparent in her coloring and her facial structure. She is a BEAUTIFUL child but she carries herself in such a way that it isn't "obvious" that she knows it. She is taken aback whenever anyone comments on how pretty she is!

So there is the FIRST PLACE WINNING girl! I am so proud of her...and it has nothing to do with her being first place! It is her gentle nature, her loving spirit, her sense of fairness...there are so many things that make me proud of this beautiful child of mine!


hestiahomeschool said...

She is tender hearted, kind, and so graceful, too.

Laura said...

Yes, graceful except when she has on painted ballet slippers! A broken wrist and broken toes/foot! I was SO HAPPY when she was finished with that routine!