Saturday, July 23, 2005

County Fair Awards Ceremony
Saturday July 23 7 PM
Clermont County Fairgrounds

I think I posted earlier about taking the kids out for the 4-H judging. Well last weekend we got letters in the mail for Grant and Hannah saying they were invited to the awards banquet, meaning their projects had finished in the top 5 in their catagory. I thought it was really weird Emily didn't get a letter, she had entered the same catagory as Grant and her work was far superior (Em is an artist through and through). She was really disappointed, I even checked with our advisor thinking her notice must have been lost in the mail or something, especially given the fact that we had moved and the letters had been forwarded. Despite the fact that she wasn't getting an award, I insisted that she go to the ceremony to support her brother and sister, even when she was invited to spent the night at her friend Ali's house.

We got to the fairgrounds and it was UTTER CHAOS! I dropped the kids + a family friend off at the building they were using for awards adn went and parked the monster van in the closest spot I could find. By the time I got back, the kids were registered and we were scrambling to find seats. Hannah came walking up to me and I noticed she had 2 numbers on her tag, indicating she had won in 2 different catagories....WAIT A MINUTE...she only entered ONE project! The light goes on, and I realize that maybe EMILY REALLY DID WIN! I rush around, trying to find someone in charge to confirm my suspicions! Turns out that they mistakenly used Hannah's scoresheet to score Emily's project! Hannah is so excited she RUNS and gets Emily and drags her over to the winner's area!

If it wasn't enough that she actually won....turns out she took FIRST PLACE and qualifies to take her project to the STATE FAIR to be judged! Grant finished 3rd in their catagory and Hannah came in 2nd in hers! Pretty great for our first 4-H/county fair experience! The kids are really pumped up about completing MORE projects for next year's fair!

Em gets to go to State Fair on August 4th! If your the praying type, say a little prayer that she does well!

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hestiahomeschool said...

That is so cool! I am also so proud of Hannah for being such a proud big sister!