Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The city we live in has a rather LARGE 4th of July parade. The kids eagerly decorated their bikes so that they could participate. Hannah spend hours decorating the bike trailer for "princess" Sophie to ride it. Her hard work paid off...Sophie won 3rd place! There were probably 100 entires, so Hannah was THRILLED!

The parade was LONG but the kids had a blast. We walked home before the fireworks started, since Cade can't stand the sound of them. We would see them from the yard and they were still pretty loud!

Ended up with an impromptu dinner....hotdogs, brats, mac and cheese and baked beans since we had to leave the cookout we attended earlier in the day before dinner was served so that we could make the parade. I guess there are pros and cons for having the parade in the evening. It did work out nicely though, that we didn't end up with extra kids asking to spend the night because we left early...usually we end up with at least a few friends coming with us when we go to these types of gatherings.

Hoping everyone had a blessed 4th!

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hestiahomeschool said...

We had to leave, finally, because the sound of the fireworks made Deliah so frantic she cut the inside of her thigh and her pads wide open. I drove around in the van for a few hours with the greyhounds and the kids...