Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010 4:21 PM, EST

Jay and I went and visited with Tori first thing this morning. We were there for her 6 AM and 9 AM feedings. She took 57 ml at 6 AM, completely pacing herself and with no bradys and then took 60 ml at 9 AM, once again pacing herself and with no bradys but she did spit up a bunch of the feed. She didn't take as much by mouth the last 2 feeds (12 PM and 3 PM--she took about 25 ml at each feed) but hopefully her volume will pick up with her later feeds. Her grandma visited with her late this morning (as Jay and I were leaving) and her two older sisters visited with her this afternoon.

We started part of our discharge process. We watched the carseat video--talk about a joke, the video is ridiculous and rather than require you to go and have the carseat fitted at a local firestation, they expect that parents will figure it out on their own after watching an outdated video that doesn't even note the latest changes in Ohio's carseat laws--a complete waste of time. But it is one thing checked off the list, well technically 2 things off the list, they let us skip the "basic baby care" video, I guess the figured that if the other kids survived we must at least have "basic" skills! We have to watch the CPR video and then we are finished with the videos. There will be other teaching we have to do, especially if she comes home with a feeding tube, but we are eager to take on the challenge!

I really DISLIKE her current attending....I can't wait for her to LEAVE on Wednesday and never breath the same air in the same room I am in again. I have never met someone so contrary and with such a superiority complex. Hopefully the new doctor we get will be a bit more agreeable, pleasant and actually remember what he/she told us.

Staffing issues are also really getting to me. There is absolutely no consistency with her nursing staff, she ends up with a different nurse every day, every shift, sometimes even 2x a shift. Someone seriously needs to take over staffing at the hospital. They also need to hire more patient care assistants/attendants (PCAs), they seem to be able to pay plenty of people to walk around and stock drawers, change sharps containers, and talk to each other, but not enough PCAs to make sure that patients that really need someone constantly at their bedside have them. It really irks me because since Tori isn't hooked up to any machines or with any critical tubes she tends to get "ignored", her feeds get pushed back, her alarms go off, she doesn't get changed or lays in spit-up yet we are being told by Dr. "I know better than you" that we aren't able to take care of her....believe me I KNOW I can do at least as good of a job as they are is just so frustrating!

Can't wait to see my princess again tomorrow! Hoping to be down there by 10 AM to spend the late morning and early afternoon with her! Maybe she will give me a BIRTHDAY present and take her entire feed for me!

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