Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010 8:28 AM, EST

Tori was wide awake during our visit yesterday, full of smiles and looking around everywhere. She did well with her feeds, in that she didn't brady, but she is still not taking much volume by mouth! She managed to spit up all over her nurse Christina, to the point that she had to go and put on new pants and wash the ones she was wearing! I guess that beats getting pooped on, which is one of Tori's other tricks for her nurses!

We have heard that the swallow test is scheduled for Monday but no one has confirmed a time for it.

Jay met the new doctor for the first time yesterday and he laughed as soon as he left because I had mentioned about him touching my arm every time he talks to me and he did the same thing to him. Of course he had no answers for us, but at least he is pleasant enough to deal with.

The hospital is starting to look a lot like Christmas, trees and decorations up everywhere! Who would have though when we entered the hospital on that warm fall day in September that we would ever be around to see it transformed into a winter wonderland?

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