Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010 3:58 PM, EDT

Tori is having surgery tomorrow at 10 AM. When they did the CT scan they found a cyst (mucoceles) in her nasolacrimal duct system and since her tears can't move in her closed lacrimal drainage system, it caused the infection known as dacryocystitis (which they have been treating since Thursday with antibiotics). so they have to go in and do something called bilateral (meaning both eyes) nasolacrimal system reconstruction and she will have stints in her eyes to keep the system open for a few month. We were told that the surgery will last about one hour. She will have to have surgery in a few months to remove the stints.

On a very POSITIVE note (remember typically with Tori for every step forward there is one back, well today we took a step back--surgery--and a step forward!)....Tori took 53 ml at her 8 AM feed, 50 ml at her 11 AM feed and 51 ml at her 2 PM feed! Way to go Tori!

Prayers are much appreciated for Tori, her surgeons (both an opthalmologist and an ENT), the residents, the members of the anesthesiology team, the nurses and all of the staff working with her tomorrow!

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