Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 11:11 AM, EDT

Tori took 42 ml (almost 1 1/2 ounces) for us last night at 5 PM, but she had a brady episode during the feed. I wonder if we aren't pushing her too hard, as much as I need her home, I don't want her to stop breathing each time we feed her! Her nurse showed us how to check her feeding tube for placement using 2 different methods, I think she is thinking the same thing I am, bringing her home on a feeding tube may be the answer. They have cut her back to 24 calories in her fortifier, since she is gaining weight so well! When they get her back to 22 calories, supposedly they will start letting her nurse, of course I won't believe it until it actually happens!

During the parent meeting, they gave us all "safety kits" to childproof our homes with. Jay and I laughed about it since all of our kids have managed to outsmart any safety device we have ever used. We are hoping that the cabinet latches might keep the puppy out of the kitchen cabinet, he likes to climb in there and chew on the hose for the water sprayer. I am willing to bet that even our puppy is smarter than the safety devices but we will see!

I am taking the little kids to the zoo in a little bit and then heading to the hospital (my friend is bringing them home) so I am hoping to see the doctors and talk to them. It is so hard to figure out just when they will be there to talk to them!

And my public service announcement for the day-----> GET OUT AND VOTE! I was so disappointed when Jay and I walked down to the poll at about 10 AM and saw that we were the 64 and 65 voter in our precinct. Just pathetic if you ask me! Of course voters #66 and #67 might also be from my household once they get themselves dressed and out the door!

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