Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Archiver's Scrapbook Store in Mason
Oct 19: 10 AM to noon
Girl Scout event

Laura wrote: I think that teaching our daughters how to create scrapbooks is a skill that will serve them well as homeschoolers. It is the perfect way for them to answer the question "so what do you do all day?". The women at Archiver's have agreed to teach the girls (and any moms) how to create a scrapbook page. The cost for the supplies is $5 and they have cool, funky albums available for $10 for those who wish to purchase them (so if you want an album the cost is $15). Have your daughter bring a recent picture of herself that she really likes with her to use in creating an "all about me" page and we will also be creating a page with the pictures from Mio's Pizzeria. Moms, if you want to join us, bring 6-8 photos related to one theme (birthday, holiday, vacation). Archiver's is located on Mason-Montgomery Rd next to Borders.

What absolutely great fun! The women at Archiver's taught the girls how to scrapbook. They each created a page using the pictures we took at Mio's last week. It was interesting to watch how the pages evolved. The girls also picked out supplies to do an "All About Me" page. Their pages were as varied as the girls themselves!

After the class (and a little bit of shopping!) Kas, her girls, my girls, Will and me went to Panera for lunch. Oh how I love the greek salad! It was nice just HANGING OUT! Kas and I both think we need to set up a monthly scrapping date so that we can get some work done in our albums. Emily and Tabby of course weasled their ways into having Emily stay at Tabby's house, they have gotten pretty good at overcoming any objections that the adults might pose.

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hestiahomeschool said...

Of course, she is always perfectly behaved when she spends the night, while Tabitha is a Holy Terror. I keep hoping Emily's laid back nature will rub off on my Wild Child, but so far it hasn't happened. Emily joined into our two homeschooling Unit Studies by watching a Nova on Neanderthals, and then pretending to be a Cavewoman in the back yard, mashing berries and stalking birds with pointed sticks. She also watched about half of "Supersize Me," the documentary about the man who ate nothing but McDonalds for a month. She seemed to enjoy being with the skunk...