Friday, October 01, 2004

Oh, no! The BIG 4-0!

Jay is officially 40! Hard to believe that it has been over 18 years since we first met, seems like a lifetime ago....anyhow.....

The week leading up to this momentous birthday was certainly worse than the day itself. Jay has been moody and depressed, but once the clock struck midnight (wonderful wife that I am, I woke him up to wish him a happy birthday!) and it was "officially" his birthday, his mood seemed to improve, kind of like he just accepted the inedivitable. I kept reminding him it was much better than the alternative!

We went out to dinner at Coconut Grove over in Newport, the food was good but overpriced. Dinner out alone was nice, not having to worry about Sophie climbing under the table or one of the kids spilling something made dining a much more enjoyable event. While we were gone, the kids cleaned the house and decorated. When we got home we celebrated with a cake decorated with the Grim Reaper on it. We opened presents, mostly small useful things, but he seemed happy with his haul!

Jay had refused to let us throw a big party for him, but promised that when he turns 50 that he wants a big birthday bash! 10 years to plan it, by then Brett and Hannah will both be adults and Emily will be almost 21! Grant will be 18 and Jacob 16 and baby Will will be 10! Believe me, I am in no hurry for the next 10 years to fly by!

Now I wonder what is in store for me on my birthday?

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