Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bike Ride
Wednesday, October 6; 9:30 A.M. - ?

Meet at Loveland Bike Trail in Nisbet Park/Loveland
Organized by Cindy Led by Ken, Cindy’s dad, avid bike enthusiast.

From Cindy: Calling all bike riders. My father, who has led bike rides for years, wants to lead a homeschooler’s bike ride. We’ll meet in Nisbet Park and the group would ride about 1 ½ hours. Then, they’ll stop for lunch and rest and then ride back. Total time for ride would be about 4 hours. For siblings too young or not interested, there is play equipment and a river to throw stones in. I will be riding in the back to help anyone with trouble or to go back with those who want to turn around.

Brett, Emily and Grant joined Cindy, her kids, her dad and another family for the 27.4 mile bike ride today! When we got to the bike trail, we were the only ones there (how on earth can the woman with 8 kids beat anyone anyplace is completely beyond me!) and just as I was getting out of the car to go and find a payphone Cindy and her dad pulled in. The kids were really excited but I was apprehensive about Grant, at 8, riding that far.

While the kids rode, I went and dropped Hannah off at the dance studio to assist, shopped at the scrapbook store, stopped at Wendy's to feed the little ones lunch, popped into Half Price Books, ran into Girl Scout Council to get registration forms (somehow I misplaced the originals), visited my favorite resale shop and then went back and let the kids play at the park until Brett, Emily and Grant were finished.

They returned about 2 PM, exhausted but excited about their ride. Grant apparently had some "bike issues" where his tempremental chain popped off, but they were able to fix it and he finished the ride. According to Cindy's dad, Emily was the only one who "followed the rules" out of everyone on the ride. Figures Miss Eager to Please would do what she was told!

In the van on the way home I asked Brett is the trail was flat or uphill/down hill...his response..."well they told us it was uphill one way and down the other, but I think it was up hill the WHOLE time!".

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