Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Basketball, part 2.....

The tryouts seemed to go very well and at the end of the second session the coach approached Brett and Jay and asked if Jay would want to help coach and if they could make Tues. afternoon practices. Things seemed to have fallen into place perfectly, that was until Monday night.

The phone rang and it was John, the boys basketball coordinator. He was calling to say that Brett was on the "B" team and wanted to know if Jay was interested in coaching. Jay told John that he had been told by the coach that Brett was on the "A" team and then John told him that the coach told him that he wasn't. Jay was absolutely devestated. It wasn't so much that Brett hadn't made the team, but that the coach had said he was on the team and it now fell upon Jay to tell him otherwise.

Jay broke down in tears. He couldn't even get the words out to tell Brett without crying. Brett was really upset. I suspect he was pissed off at Jay and I for making him switch teams. He didn't say anything.

Jay confessed that he has a lot of hate in his heart right now. He said "You can fuck with me all you want, but don't fuck with my kids."

We shall see how this all plays out!

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