Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Just out of reach......

After changing Will's diaper, he seemed to be in an unusually good mood, so I decided to leave him to play on the living room floor. Maybe, just maybe, I could check my emails without holding him! He was laying on this back enjoying the sights and sounds (Cade was talking to him), the next thing I know he is laying on his stomach! The little turkey managed to roll over from back to tummy, just one day shy of being 4 months old!

Once he was on his stomach, I decided to put some toys on the floor with him so he would have something to look at. If the floor was the face of a watch, I placed a baby mirror at 9 o'clock, a stuffed activity octopus at 12 o'clack and a little bug rattle at 3 o'clock. He was all excited and was kicking his legs and looking around. He spotted the bug and managed to turn his body to it was directly in front of him (he had been pointing at the octopus) then he started moving his arms like CRAZY trying to reach the bug rattle. He had never purposefully reached for anything. After about 10 minutes of trying (and a little scootch of the toy by mom) it was within fingers reach, he grabbed it, got this HUGE smile on his mouth, and shoved it into his mouth!

How quickly they go from BLOB BABY to an ACTIVE CURIOUS baby is growing up, a bit too fast for mom's liking!

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