Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bonfire/Hot Dog & Marshmallow Roast/Pumpkin Carving/Movie Night!!!
Saturday, October 30 ; 6pm to 10 pm
Ages: 12 and up
Hosted by The Freson Family at their home just outside of Fayetteville

Attention, homeschoolers ages 12 an d up!! You will not want to miss out on this incredible evening. Here's what's planned. First, we'll cook hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire (yum) Then, we'll be carving pumpkins and awarding the most creative, the scariest, and the funniest. After we set them out for display with candles and all, we'll go in and watch a movie. We're hoping to see The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (or something that is supposed to be scary but is really quite funny)

This event IS far. But it will be worth the trip. For those that don't want to drive that far, we have a plan. Andrea Hall and myself will take 2 vanloads of teens to the party if you have them to Dance Etc. (on Meijer Drive in Milford, right off the expressway) by 5pm. We will bring them back there afterwards. So, PLEASE come!

Here's what to bring: The Fresons are nicely providing the food, plates, etc. Each family needs to bring a 2-litre drink and a snack or festive treat. Each person needs to bring a pumpkin (one per person).

To RSVP: Please contact Cindy and let her know if you are going directly to the Fresons or are planning to meet us at Dance Etc. in Milford.

When we first started homeschooling people WARNED us of all the things our kids would miss out on by not being "in" school. What is so funny about this is that there are actually often "too many" actvities to chose from. The wonderful thing is that the events are always well supervised by other parents that we know and trust. And the groups, though of mixed sexes and ages, aren't pairing off and "coupling".

Brett and Hannah had a wonderful time at the party. Hannah's pumpkin took second place in the pumpkin carving contest. Brett's pumpkin didn't fair nearly as well but he said he had fun carving it. They really seem to enjoy hanging out with their electic group of friends!

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