Tuesday, October 05, 2004

October 5, 11:00 am
Waste Management/Recycling
AJ Jolly Park Campbell County, KY
Organizer: Laura P.

Laura P. wrote: The naturalist will show the kids an enviroscape landfill model, and go through the processes that occur in a landfill. We will cover natural decomposition outdoors at the nature center, as well a recycling and what shouldn’t be put into the landfill at all. RSVP to Laura P.

The kids and I decided to join everyone for the Recycling tour. Stupid mom that I am, didn't quite understand what she signed up for. I thought we were touring a RECYCLING PLANT, but it ended up being a program on recycling at a Kentucky park. Not that I am complaining. It was a great presentation about landfills, recycling and then about how nature recycles! The naturalist did a great job and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves, I was just happy to get out in the beautiful weather! After he used a model to explain modern landfills and how the differ from old time dumps and talked about the benefits of recycling, we headed out for a hike to see how nature takes care of her trash.

Each of the kids were given a worksheet, kind of a nature scavenger hunt. They looked for things like ants, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, earthworms, wildflowers, algae, mold, fungi, and moss. They had great fun trapsing through the woods, turning over logs and recording their findings.

After we were done hiking, we sat at the picnic tables and had lunch, it was a beautiful day!

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