Friday, October 01, 2004

Just About Fish Tour and craft
Harper’s Station
Host: Julieanne

We'll take a tour of the store, get to hold starfish and possibly horseshoe crabs, feed the turtles in the pond, and make a craft. Thanks to Laura for all the help!

Directions: I-71 to 275 East 1st exit is Montgomery Road Right off exit onto Montgomery Road Store is up on left, in Harper's Station, near Bova Furniture

What great fun our outing to Just About Fish was. By far the kids favorite thing was the small musk turtle, of course with 5 turtles at home they are a bit partial to turtles! Jacob and Cade also loved holding the starfish. Hannah and Emily were just THRILLED that Mandy and Tabby were there to hang out with since they hadn't seen them if a few weeks!

After the tour we made small "fake" aquariums in plastic bottles. It was a bit more challenging than the directions would have led one to believe, but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

After we were finished with the craft, 3 other families joined us for lunch at Taco Casa, it was quite a sight, us walking in with 15 kids and ordering lunch. The funniest thing was the cashier, Brett was standing next to me holding the baby and I was ordering the food. The cashier looked at him and then said to me "what does your HUSBAND want to eat?" I just about burst out I know Brett looks older than 13 and could probably pass for 16, but to be old enough to be married to gotta be kidding! Needless to say, we think the poor cashier must need a raise so she can afford a new pair of glasses!

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