Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010 7:56 AM, EDT

We spent about 4 hours down at the hospital with Tori yesterday. For the first feeding we were there for, she refused to wake up, so all we got to do was drip milk in next to the pacifer, she only took in 1 ml by mouth, but at her 6 PM feeding SHE WOKE UP and took 13 ml by mouth from her bottle, she did VERY WELL the majority of the time, her heartrate and breathing stayed steady, until the very end where she decided that breathing, sucking and swallowing was too much work and she decided to stop breathing and turn a little blue! She recovered quickly but it was enough that we all decided she needed to be tube fed the remainder of her milk!

She didn't spit up her vitamin! It was the first time she they started her on it that it didn't come back up!

She managed to poop all over the covers again when I changed her. I think she thinks that is her "party trick", as soon as you take the diaper off, she starts pooping! I am not going to complain about poop! I find it kind of funny!

Progress is slow, but I won't complain as long as we aren't moving backwards.

We have the van back thanks to a wonderful family at our church and the kindness of the church itself. It has been so nice the last 2 days to not have to depend on the kids or friends to get us down to see Tori. Every minute I get to spend with her is such a blessing, she really is a miracle!

The therapist said they will work with us again today on feeding her. It seems strange that after 9 other children and 20 years of childcare that we need to be taught how to feed a child! I decided that since she rarely is awake that I would rather work on getting her to take the bottle (and get closer to bringing her home) than I would with putting her to the breast right now since she tires out so quickly. My breast literally ache to have her nurse, hopefully it will become a reality in the near future. For now, the pump and I will continue our love/hate relationship. I am so happy that she is completely on breastmilk, I just wish she was able to get it from the source!

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