Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 6:30 AM, EDT

Tori is doing well but seems to have hit a plateau....they have her at her max feed (15 ml per hour--which is 2 ounces every 2 hours) but she isn't digesting everything (or should I more accurately say enough of each feed), so until she starts digesting more we can't move forward--or at least that was the new overnight, you never know if that will change when the doctors do rounds! I guess as long as we aren't moving backwards I can't complain. She is such a doll, she just sleep and when she is awake just looks at you.....She only seems to cry when you change her diaper! Her poop is transitioning to the more typical breastfed baby poop, yellow and seedy! She is continuing to poop well on her own! She is almost back to her birthweight!

We got to do KANGAROO CARE yesterday during our visit. We only did it for about 35 minutes because the chair I was sitting in wasn't very comfortable but you could see an immediate difference in Tori, she only had one brady episode (and it was very short) and she looked so very happy and content. We plan to do kangaroo care with her during each of our upcoming visits as long as she tolerates it!

Kangaroo care is a technique practiced on newborn, usually preterm, infants wherein the infant is held, skin-to-skin, with an adult. Kangaroo care for pre-term infants may be restricted to a few hours per day, but if they are medically stable that time may be extended. Some parents may keep their babies in-arms for many hours per day.

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