Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Oct 1st Tori Update....and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY!

They gave me a "day pass" Friday and let me go see her...I feel like a convict, a day pass for behaving myself. I got to hold her and so did Jay, she gave her daddy the best birthday present he could have ever asked for (he turned 46 Oct
1).....he is a wreck, worse than even I am, he almost lost us
both, you can tell it is still shaking him to the core! Tori was
stable during our visit but her vent settings had to go up and she was completely drugged out of it, then this afternoon they placed her Pic-line (spelling) so that they can get fluids into her more easily and not have to stick her for all of the blood work (still have to stick her for a few but not as often) but it meant giving her more drugs so the nurse said she is out of it tonight. She is just beautiful (of course I may be a bit prejudice!)

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