Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010 8:18 AM, CDT

Bad mommy hasn't updated Tori's page!

On Tuesday Tori did her best job ever with eating! 30 full ounce! We were so very excited!

Yesterday (Wednesday) she didn't do nearly as well and stopped breathing during 2 of her feeds. It was so frustrating, since she had done so well the day before! I spend 6 hours with her at the hospital yesterday, just holding and feeding her. I want her home so badly! We gave her her second bath yesterday, she loves the tub and is completely relaxed while you bath her, so totally different than my other kids who kicked and screamed when you put them in the tub!

We talked some with the resident about criteria for discharge. They want Tori to be taking 85% of her total volume BY MOUTH to send her home. I just wanted to cry. I am willing to bring her home with her ng tube, I feel like they aren't really doing anything for her at the hospital that I can't do at home but they aren't willing to budge. I suspect that an epic battle will soon be waged, I want my daughter HOME!

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