Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010 1:19 PM, EDT

Since we weren't able to visit Tori yesterday, we went down first thing this morning to see her! She is now up to 5 lb 8 oz! While we were there she got her first gravis (?) tube feed, where rather than being pushed in by a pump, the food goes in using gravity. It took about 15 minutes for her whole 49 ml feed to get into her belly, much faster than the 1hr she had been used to. She spit up just a tiny bit but otherwise tolerated it very well! Another step closer to eating by mouth! I believe that the OT and Speech Therapist are supposed to start working with her on Monday to progress towards feeding by mouth, but won't know anything for sure until they are back at the hospital Monday!

Apparently sometime after we left Thursday afternoon, Tori pulled out her feeding tube. No one bothered to tell me any of the times I called Thursday or Friday, but now her feeding tube is in her other nostril. Hopefully she will leave it alone, since it isn't too pleasant for her to have a new one placed!

Last night she had a huge blow out poop while her nurse was changing her....poop went her crib, on the wall, all over her clothes....she shocked herself so much that she even spit up during the whole thing! I explained to her today that such behavior would not be acceptable once she got home! I don't mind poopy diapers, but poop everywhere is not acceptable!

The van is supposed to be ready sometime Monday or Tuesday so until then our visitation schedule with Tori will depend on who can get us there when....I know she is in wonderful hands and being surrounded by prayer all the time, I take such comfort in that!

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